Survey: Organizations continue to struggle with unstructured information
As businesses and government organizations continue to struggle with management of “unstructured” information, which plays a significant role in driving their business processes, there are major challenges if unstructured information was not readily available as part of those processes, according to a content management survey unveiled by EMC and sponsored in part by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM).

Nearly half of the 200 IT business professionals polled (47 percent) reported that current content management offerings require too much effort to implement, with integration of disparate technology components (37 percent) and integration with legacy systems (34 percent) accounting for the biggest delays in developing business solutions on top of ECM platforms.  Because of the integration challenges, half of respondents indicated that they wanted solutions built on top of an ECM platform.
“Unstructured information drives numerous business processes – but all too often, organizations cannot leverage this information effectively, leading to inconsistent communications between functions, duplication of effort, poor decision-making, higher costs, and non-compliance with internal best practices,” said Carl Frappaolo, AIIM vice president, market intelligence.  “Unfortunately, enterprise content management deployment today is a major challenge, as traditional ECM solutions require greater effort than many believe is reasonable or justifiable.”
“Customers are looking for solutions built on top of scalable ECM platforms, such as EMC Documentum, that include pre-built integrations into complementary content management products, ECM platform-certified partner technologies, and a full range of professional services and partner offerings to complement industry and business process expertise,” said Balaji Yelamanchili, senior vice president and general manager, content management and archiving at EMC.