Survey: Radiologists pay rises nearly 17 percent
A recent survey shows that radiologists have seen a double-digit (16.88 percent) pay increase over the past two years. Other subspecialties that have seen a compensation rise include neurosurgery (28.13 percent), pathology (25.58 percent), anesthesiology (18.90 percent), and dermatology (18.68 percent). The survey, conducted by Chicago-based research firm Sullivan, Cotter and Associates, found that otherwise physician compensation has remained generally stable. Of primary care specialties, pediatrics showed the largest increase in compensation levels at 13.20 percent, followed by internal medicine at 7.21 percent. However, 15 percent of survey respondents indicated that they plan to decrease compensation levels for at least some of their doctors by year’s end, with decreases primarily based on productivity levels, according to the survey.