Swissray patent stands up in court
After a drawn out legal battle, Swissray International said it has prevailed in defending its intellectual property.
Swissray sued the French company, DMS-Apelem of Nîmes, France, for infringement of its European Patent EP862748, "Optical Arrangement and Method for electronically detecting an X-ray Image." The patent refers to a technology which is fundamental to Swissray's direct digital radiography systems.
As a reaction to the patent infringement claim of Swissray, DMS-Apelem filed an opposition against the Swissray patent requesting its revocation. On December 2nd, the Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office declared that the Swissray patent EP862748 is valid and that the appeal of DMSApelem is without merit.
Swissray said it will continue the infringement litigation in France against DMS-Apelem.