Tangent releases low power consuming mobile PC for point-of-care
Tangent Inc. has released its mobile Rugged Mini PC. The computer is designed to confront a problem in hospitals that use computers on point-of-care carts that consume a lot of power, causing frequent re-charges, short battery life and premature battery failure, the company said.            

The Rugged Mini is a small footprint (9”W x 7”L x 2”H) computer, weighs under 4 pounds, and only has one moving part, the hard drive. It is also fan-less and utilizes a convection-based passive cooling system.
The PC consumes only six watts in standby mode, 18 watts in the ‘on’ position while idle, and 37 watts in full use. This compares to a typical PC using 75 to 125 watts.
The Rugged Mini is available with Celeron M or Pentium M and can be used stand alone in place of a full integrated system. It can be easily wall mounted or attached to a display screen via its mounting flanges. Additionally, it can be used with carts from companies such as Flo Healthcare, Ergotron, Stinger Medical and Infologix.
Other features include compatibility with current WiFi standards with an industry standard Intel 2915 ABG WiFi card that is Cisco LEAP compatible. The Rugged Mini also has VGA and DVI output for connection to a touch screen or regular LCD monitor.