TeraRecon adds new workflow tools to Aquarius
TeraRecon showcased recently added capabilities of its Aquarius Workstation and Aquarius Net Server at the American College of Cardiology meeting this week in Atlanta. The workstation is the company’s cardiac diagnostic review station, whereas the server is for distributed 3D over preferably a VPN connection, but also a high-speed internet connection can be used.
Speeding workflow for a cardiologist sitting at a workstation was the name of the game for TeraRecon, and booth visitors were given an overview of how the Aquarius workstation with new protocol-based tools drastically reduce steps in, for example, extracting certain views of the heart amidst a massive amount of unneeded imaging data. What used to take five steps can now be done in two through the new protocols. This efficiency was demonstrated repeatedly with different types of diagnostic reviews.
The company also emphasized the benefits of distributed reports through its thin- client server technology, which allows for multiple concurrent users to access information remotely from a secure VPN connection, or high speed internet connection.