TeraRecon offers 3D training workshop with Jacksonville hospital
The University of Florida Health Science Center Jacksonville has entered into an agreement with TeraRecon Inc. to offer hands-on training courses for three dimensional (3D) imaging and advanced post-processing of large thin-slice CT and MR datasets using TeraRecon's Aquarius Workstations and AquariusNET Server.

According to TeraRecon, instructors will lecture on how to efficiently achieve clinical results, demonstrate the full range of advanced imaging techniques, discuss 3D reimbursements, and interactively review case studies on advanced workstations. In addition, a separate 2-day training course will be offered dedicated solely to virtual colonoscopy.

For early information course information and registration, please contact donna.wefers@jax.ufl.edu. Visit www.hscj.ufl.edu/rad/ on or after August 9 for detailed program-registration information.