Terason announces echo unit
Terason this week launched of the Terason Echo Ultrasound Laptop System at the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions in Dallas.
The Terason Echo system delivers considerable image quality compared to other portable system on the market today, said Alice Chiang, PhD, president, CEO of Teratech. "Our design team was committed to making image quality its highest priority, and the 256-channel Fusion Processor that resulted from their efforts truly delivers the results we set out to achieve. The system's 2D image quality and color Doppler sensitivity are excellent, and we believe that our customers will also appreciate the system's exceptional Tissue Harmonic Imaging and continuous wave Doppler performance," added Chiang.
The Terason Echo Ultrasound System is based upon Teratech Architecture, which combines the front-end Fusion processor with powerful PC-based back-end data processing.  The Terason Echo system runs as a Windows application on a standard laptop computer, and can be instantly converted from a portable unit to a cart-based system, the company said.
Terason will begin shipping the system in January.