THISA showcases technologies that address healthcare information management roadblocks
The Trusted Healthcare Information Solutions Alliance (THISA), a national network of regional IT solution providers for the healthcare industry, is demonstrating at HIMSS 2006 this week a series of service and systems in four important areas: improving patient & data security, ensuring disaster recovery & business continuity, enabling secure access to applications and data, and simplifying IT management.
    “The THISA model is unique in its ability to offer the service quality and cost-savings found with smaller regional providers, backed by the best practices and accountability of a proven national presence. This has resonated strongly with healthcare organizations that are looking for specialized expertise and methodologies, a personalized approach, and best-of-breed solutions,” said Omar Yakar, CEO, Agile360, a founding member of THISA. “We’re excited to present this at HIMSS, and offer a real hands-on look at the value that THISA is providing as a trusted partner to a growing number of healthcare organizations around the country.”