Through acquisition Cedara builds upon clinical information software offering
Cedara Software yesterday announced the acquisition French medical software company, Axicare, acquired through court liquidation. As a result, Cedara has gained exclusive ownership of aXigate, a comprehensive healthcare data and workflow management system.

The aXigate technology is able to create a single comprehensive patient record that can connect and manage data and medical images from existing information systems. fully secure, fully web-based  The system employs an open architecture, built with XML, Java and AJAX that incorporates information from labs, radiology, the pharmacy and other divergent areas into the hospital database. With components for patient registration, consultation, reporting, prescription, follow-up and codification, Cedara aXigate provides a folder-based approach to medical information management, displaying relevant information at the click of a button to different healthcare professionals.

Specialists can utilize Cedara aXigate's variety of modules designed to incorporate clinical content into the patient database: from oncology to psychiatry, radiology, surgery, neurology, anesthesiology, OB/GYN and more. The unique clinical content can then be stored and accessed through a standard interface that provides a comprehensive portrait of medical images, diagnosis and test results. Additional modules can easily be developed by Cedara or its OEM partners using Cedara aXigate Studio, an intuitive toolkit for developers.

In the past three years, aXigate was installed in 25+ healthcare facilities in France, including private clinics, care networks and several large public institutions including the University Hospital of Besancon (CHU). Applications of the technology have included clinical data management solutions, electronic medical record (EMR) solutions and hospital information systems (HIS).

Cedara aXigate and its clinical modules are immediately available to OEM and VAR companies.