Toshiba: Clinical research at Beth Israel advances 16-slice CT applications
Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) of Boston have been working together to further improve the clinical applications of Toshiba's Aquilion 16 CFX CT system.

The multislice scanner has been installed and operational at BIDMC since January 2004. Areas of research include thoracic, abdominal and cardiac CT clinical applications. Specific clinical research has addressed body angiography in applications such as pancreatic and liver transplant assessment, CT urography, interventional multi-slice fluoroscopy, and CT coronary arteriogram, Toshiba said.

"At BIDMC, we have conducted wide-ranging clinical research in the field of CT angiography and have applied those results to improve techniques for pre-operative planning of a variety of surgeries," said Vassilios Raptopoulos, MD, Department of Radiology, BIDMC. "By utilizing appropriate timing, renderings and reconstruction methods, we have made significant gains in post-transplantation pancreatic imaging to track vascular anomalies and complications. We're also capturing excellent images for CT urography with isometric reconstruction and gated thoracic imaging for aortic dissections, which we have also expanded to include cardiac pulmonary angiography research."

BIDMC also has performed clinical research to optimize imaging techniques using the Aquilion's isotopic imaging capabilities for non-invasive assessment of coronary artery diseases using CT angiography, as compared to cardiac catheterization. Additionally, the facility has improved CT colonography procedures and musculoskeletal applications on the hands to visualize tendons on patients with contraction deformities caused by trauma, burns or congenital defect.