Toshiba introduces new digital platform for Infinix i-series vascular x-ray system
Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. this week introduced its new Digital Fluorography Processor 8000 (DFP-8000D) for its entire Infinix i-series systems with the new software upgrade (version V3.10) for enhanced productivity and patient care.

The Infinix i-series x-ray system -- featuring the new DFP-8000D digital platform - was on display at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Interventional Radiologists (SIR).

The DFP-8000D is designed as a user-friendly, icon-driven platform that provides intuitive, rapid tableside controls over image processing and data management. Features include multi-tasking processing and simultaneous acquisition, processing and storing of film images. Additionally, the platform offers complete DICOM 3.0 service class capabilities and large capacity hard drive storage to hold up to some 50,000 images.

The open architecture design of the DFP-8000D also supports image intensifier and flat-panel detector image receptor to facilitate a field-upgrade to Toshiba's works-in-progress flat-panel detectors.

Toshiba's new version V3.10 software for the Infinix i-series is designed to enhance system performance, improve system/user productivity, and provide additional clinical capabilities.

Toshiba also demonstrated its Aquilion 32 multislice CT system equipped with SureFluoro automated scan technology. SureFluoro enhances CT fluoro by incorporating 24 images-per-second in real-time for improved interventional accuracy, and continuous display of three side-by-side images to aid localization.

According to Toshiba, interventional procedures are easier to perform on a CT scanner using CT Fluoro, as well as ensure faster scan time and accuracy. In some cases, biopsies can be performed in just 15 minutes with an mA setting as low as 10. Additionally, CT Fluoro utilizes special x-ray filtering that cuts the effective patient dose by approximately 50 percent.