Toshiba readies version 3.0 software for Aquilion 64
Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. announced Tuesday the release of version 3.0 of software for the Aquilion 64 and 32 computed tomography (CT) multislice systems. The new software is designed specifically to improve overall departmental productivity, and features options for the fast reconstruction kit, up to 28-slices per second, and includes enhanced digital imaging and communications format in medicine (DICOM) data transfer at up to 50 images per second, Toshiba said.  

In August 2006, production units for the Aquilion 64 and 32 CT scanners will feature the version 3.0 software upgrade. Version 3.0 will be available as a field upgrade to existing Aquilion 64- and 32-slice systems in fall 2006, Toshiba said.

Version 3.0 software comes standard with a wide range of features, including PhaseExact and Advanced QDS that are specifically designed to improve cardiac CT angiography, helical brain scans and CT fluoroscopy applications. Specifically, the upgrades include:
  • PhaseExact: Automated, optimal phase selection software for cardiac CT that improves workflow and clinical results;
  • Advanced QDS:  Improves low contrast resolution in combination with specific scan parameters - especially for brain imaging. The enhanced scan feature results in a 20 percent dose reduction and improved patient safety;
  • DICOM Viewer:  Automatically transfers data to a CD along with images - allowing for archiving to DVD using the software’s raw data utility;
  • Presentation of Grouped Procedures (PGP) with Hard Split:  Improves productivity by identifying and separating multiple exam orders, which are then transferred to the appropriate destination for reading; and
  • CAN Level 1:  Version 3.0 software supports synchronization of the injector and CT system using the Level 1 scan protocol option, which allows clinicians to start the CT system from the injector interface. CAN Level 1 is currently available with MedRad power injectors.