Tucson-based radiology group practice the first to use i3ARCHIVE's NDMA
Radiology Ltd. has agreed to use i3ARCHIVE Inc.'s breast imaging archive system, the National Digital Mammography Archive (NDMA).

It is the first radiology group practice in the country to use i3ARCHIVE's NDMA product to electronically store and share patient images from across offices and across physician practices. The sharing of electronic images eliminates the need for patients to carry mammography film or x-rays from specialist to specialist.

"i3ARCHIVE is integrating current and prior mammography images and providing a centralized CAD (computer-aided detection) platform for digitally reviewing mammogram processing without the need for a significant capital investment," said Bob Cox, CEO of i3ARCHIVE.

Radiology Ltd is compromised of more than 45 radiologists across 10 locations in the Tucson area.