Turbo Tax maker Intuit partners to develop new healthcare management tools
Intuit Inc., developer of popular software such as Turbo Tax, and health information company Ingenix, part of UnitedHealth Group, are partnering with an assortment of healthcare companies towards an initiative to develop and distribute healthcare management tools for the industry. The multi-year agreement will focus on producing products based on Intuit’s Quicken financial management system.
The first of these new Quicken-branded products and services will be released early next year. Through use of the systems, users will have the ability to view and organize information coming from a variety of healthcare sources, such as medical bills, insurance payments and medical records through one system interface.

"Already flooded with millions of pieces of medical and insurance-related paperwork, Americans are assuming more control over their own healthcare," said Richard Anderson, CEO, Ingenix. "Currently 82 percent of American households are spending significant time organizing, filing and reconciling their healthcare information. We will break through that clutter of information and consolidate it, so consumers can be empowered to make the right decisions and save time and money."

The healthcare management products will be based on a new healthcare content consolidation delivery system that will enable health plans, physicians, pharmacies and banks to exchange accurate, up-to-date medical and financial information with consumers. This information will be fully available online.

The first companies who have expressed a commitment to this initiative include: UnitedHealthcare, Hewitt Associates, Optima Health, and Exante Financial Services.