UltraSPECT gains patent for short scan time in SPECT

Advanced imaging enhancement solutions provider UltraSPECT announced this week at the SNM annual meeting San Diego it was granted a new patent for “Efficient Single Photon Emission Imaging” (U.S. Patent No. 7,026,623). The patent allows shorter scanning time and clinically diagnostic images to be obtained by resolution recovery reconstruction methods such as the UltraSPECT patented Wide Beam Reconstruction (WBR) – the technology on which its products are built.

“Reducing the scan time of a typical high-quality stress cardiac study to 5 minutes, using the WBR technology compares to the resolution that the dual detector cameras made more than a decade ago,” said Dr. Israel Ohana, co-inventor of the patent. “UltraSPECT is developing the next generation of products based on the patent, with further reduction of scan time to less than 3 minutes.”

UltraSPECT’s Xpress.cardiac and Xpress.bone are two of the products marketed by the company that demonstrated that scan times can be reduced by a factor of two or more with no degradation of image quality.