UPMC and U.S. Air Force to collaborate on teleradiology initiative
The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and Air Force Medical Services (AFMS) have launched a teleradiology initiative at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

The goal is to develop a new workflow model that can increase productivity and enhance patient care across AFMS sites.

UPMC began to develop more effective teleradiology means and methods about two years ago at its 19 tertiary, specialty and community hospitals. The new workflow model, created by Paul Chang, M.D., director of radiology informatics at UPMC, creates a setting where each UPMC radiologist is linked electronically to a global system that provides access to all cases across all radiology departments throughout the health system.

The model is designed to establish a system of "load balancing" where individual physicians complete their local patient cases first, then can review and service any remaining cases in the system. Physician workflow is maximally leveraged, regardless of location.

The new workflow model is being used at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to link AFMS sites. Physicians across the AFMS network can assist each other via a standard approach of training and take advantage of constant educational opportunities.