Using your cell phone to send medical data to your doctor
The Mobile Healthcare Alliance (MoHCA) this week held its Consumer Health Management Project workshop in Washington with the purpose of putting forward a new industry-wide approach for using mobile communications devices such as cell phones for storing personal health information and sharing this information with their doctors and other healthcare providers when they need to. The organization’s central means to accomplish this would be through a Consumer Health Manager (CHM) chip in their cell phone, for example, and a specification that allows every owner of such a device to store health information.

MoHCA first proposed this last year and defined additional functions, including:
  • Serving as the platform for consumer health-related software such as wellness-related programs, disease management programs (diabetes, etc.); and
  • The CHM could become the platform for consumer health-related internet access which would allow a patient to access information about their medications easily, or to look up symptoms related to health status.
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