Varian launches into neurosurgery market
Forming a new division, Varian Surgical Sciences, Varian Medical Systems Inc. said today it has entered into the estimated $250 million neurosurgery market for radiosurgery products.
The new business unit will market image-guided robotic radiosurgical systems built around the company's Trilogy linear accelerator and On-Board Imager device, Varian said. Varian's Trilogy linear accelerator and On-Board Imager device, introduced in 2004, make it possible to treat small areas in the brain and other parts of the body rapidly, with powerful, precisely-placed beams.
"We will offer a clinically effective and more cost-efficient alternative to dedicated radiosurgical devices that are limited in functionality and flexibility," said Lester Boeh, vice president for Varian, who will manage the new organization. "We have advanced our technology to the point that it now can be used for non-invasive, painless, radiosurgical treatments of tumors and vascular malformations as well as certain functional and 'inoperable' conditions."
The company said it is in the process of building a marketing and sales staff for the organization. Paul Rowland, former vice president of North American sales, oncology systems, will serve as manager of global sales. Marc Buntaine, former president of ZMed Inc., which Varian acquired in October 2003, will serve as engineering and marketing manager.
According to the company, Varian Surgical Sciences' financial results will be included with the Oncology Systems business segment.