Varian Medical Systems debuts new brachytherapy applicator
Varian Medical Systems Inc. this week released its new applicator to treat cervical and uterine cancer with high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy.

Varian calls it a ring and tandem applicator, which is made of titanium and designed for greater patient comfort and is fully compatible with CT and MRI systems.

Tim Clark, product manager for Varian's Brachytherapy business, says that with the ability "to scan this applicator using either CT or MR, physicians can choose the best modality for checking applicator placement and ensuring that the dose distribution will be optimal for each patient."

The new ring and tandem applicator also is the first such instrument Varian has released for use with both its VariSource and GammaMed models of HDR brachytherapy afterloaders, which deliver radioactive isotopes to specific locations within an applicator during treatment.