Varian, Xoran integrate technologies
Varian Medical Systems Inc. inked a two-year agreement with compact CT scanner vendor Xoran Technologies Inc. to incorporate Varian's PaxScan amorphous silicon flat-panel digital x-ray detectors into Xoran's MiniCAT for ENT scanners, for imaging by ear/nose/throat physicians.
The MiniCAT for ENT scanner enables ENT physicians to generate high-resolution, digital CT scans in their offices, and to instantly display, store, or transmit them for teleradiology consultations with other specialists.
The scanner features an overhead scanning arm fitted with an x-ray source and Varian's PaxScan flat panel x-ray detector on either side. The scanning arm makes a single rotation around the patient's head and generates immediate, three-dimensional CT images. The system can complete a three-dimensional scan in less than forty seconds.
Varian's PaxScan image detectors are available in a variety of sizes, and have been incorporated into cardiac, angiographic, dental, and neonatal medical imaging systems, Varian said.      
Financial terms of the agreement between Varian and Xoran Technologies are not being disclosed.