Varian's On-Board Imager gets first clinical use at Sweden medical center
Varian Medical Systems this week revealed the first installation and clinical use of the company's On-Board Imager system for image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT).

The Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, has become the first treatment center to use Varian's new imaging accessory, designed to improve the precision and effectiveness of cancer treatments by giving doctors the ability to track and adjust for tumor positions more accurately at the moment of treatment.

According to Varian, a 55-year-old lung cancer patient from Stockholm was the first person to be positioned for treatment using the new On-Board Imager accessory, a digital imaging device that has been mounted on Varian's Clinac medical linear accelerator, the machine that delivers radiation therapy treatments.

Using the On-Board Imager, doctors generated x-ray images of the patient's tumor and compared them with CT scans and DRR (digitally reconstructed radiograph) images to ensure that the patient's tumor was aligned with the beam according to the treatment plan. Varian says these enabled radiotherapists to verify the tumor location within two minutes while the patient was in the treatment position, and automatically make adjustments before delivering his daily treatment.