Varian's VARiS offers data protection
Varian Medical Systems is offering VARiS Vision oncology information management system customers the option to purchase NSI Software Inc.'s High Availability and Rapid Protection (HARRP) data protection service.

HARRP, which is based on Double Take software technology, enables oncology departments to recover VARiS data quickly and easily if there are day-to-day failures or catastrophic disasters involving network data servers.

The HARRP technology replicates changes in data as they occur at the byte level over a shared or private IP-based network. According to Varian, this means that changed data is captured almost immediately, and that an up-to-date replica of that data can be accessed if needed. In the event of a primary server outage, the software enables a secondary server to stand in with the push of a button.

"Oncology departments are generating an explosion of digital data and images that are crucial to today's sophisticated treatments, including IMRT and real-time image-guided radiotherapy," explains Christopher Hanna, PhD, Varian's vice president for oncology information systems. "For radiation therapy, each patient's treatment seeks to maximize the dose to the tumor, while protecting the surrounding healthy tissues.  Treatments are based on a mountain of data about the patient's anatomy and treatment plan. You do not want a patient showing up for a daily treatment, and finding that you cannot proceed because of data loss.  HARRP will help to ensure that doesn't happen."