VIDAR introduces new low-cost DR
VIDAR Systems Corp. last week unveiled its new VIDAR VISION digital radiography (DR) product line for all radiography environments, including imaging centers, orthopedic practices, small to medium hospitals, private clinics, and outpatient areas of large hospitals. The systems were presented at ECR 2006 in Vienna, Austria.
The VIDAR VISION 4000 -- featuring a 4K detector for higher-resolution imaging needs -- is designed for high-volume imaging centers, orthopedic practices, and hospitals, while the VIDAR VISION 2000, with a 2K detector, is ideal for lower volume, office-based use.

Unlike CR systems that can take 2 to 5 minutes per image to display, VIDAR VISION systems display images in 10 seconds or less, resulting in faster visualization and streamlined treatment for improved patient care.

The VIDAR VISION systems also feature DR x-ray capabilities of 3.8 lp/mm, 65,536 shades of gray, and a full-featured software package with intuitive user interface.