Vital Images upgrades Vitrea cardiac advanced visualization tools
Vital Images Inc. announced at ACC06 this week in Atlanta upgrades to its Vitrea software with a version 3.8. The latest software for 2D, 3D and 4D visualization analysis, features significant enhancements to Vital Images' dedicated cardiac visualization offering ViTALCardia.
Vitrea includes a line-by-line worklist in a folder structure which displays each phase of post-processing of exams, along with other data. New upgrades to the system include auto-segmentation of the heart, vessel probe tracking enhancements, automated stenosis measurement tools, the ability to repair images acquired due to movement and other factors, as well as workflow improvements which generally make the system more user-friendly.

ViTALCardia includes several Vitrea applications for viewing 2D, 3D and 4D cardiac images of the heart, including: coronary vessel analysis, cardiac functional analysis, calcium scoring and peripheral vessel analysis. Segmentation feature enhancements include the ability to automatically extract the cardiac anatomy from the chest, enabling physicians to obtain a view of the heart with 3D and 4D renderings, according to the company.

New ViTALCardia segmentation features also include the ability to probe and segment the entire coronary vessel tree, and view and automatically quantify the vessel cross section from multiple orientations. Using the automated tools within ViTALCardia, physicians can characterize the extent of disease by measuring potential blockages in the coronary arteries.
Also at ACC, the company showed its ViTALConnect, a web-based visualization and distribution system built so that physicians can review datasets from CT, MR and PET scanners, as well as a variety of other medical imaging modalities. ViTALConnect includes a collaboration mode which enables multiple physicians in different locations to confer while interacting with the same images in real time. New features shown at ACC include improved speed and image quality, and features enhancing the integration of Vitrea.