Voxar unveils new visualization tools at ECR
Voxar is showcasing new visualization for its 3D software at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) that begins Friday and runs through Tuesday in Vienna, Austria.

The new visualization tools include PET (positron emission tomography) visualization, endoscopic views and MPR shape selection.

Voxar says that PET studies can be viewed using the company's 2D, MPR, MIP and 3D reconstructions tools, as well as simultaneous 2D comparison of pathology shown in PET images against the body's anatomical structure in CT images. The 3D endoscopic visualisation tools provide viewers with a 'fly-through' perspective of hollow anatomic regions to improve localisation and characterisation of pathology.

In addition, Voxar has automated its MPR shape selection segmentation tools. Voxar says that the automatic MPR shape selection feature allows users to select, measure and display the volume of complex heterogeneous structures.