Witt and GEMMS ink marketing, technology deal
Witt Biomedical and GEMMS, developer of the nation’s first fully integrated, cardiology-specific electronic clinical information system, have inked a marketing and technology partnership to benefit cardiovascular physicians and patients.

The alliance presents an opportunity for the two companies to create a continuum of care between cardiovascular testing and treatment in the hospital and care provided in the physician practice, according to representatives for both organizations.

“Our technologies complement each other in ways that will directly enhance workflow for cardiologists. GEMMS’ single-point decision system in the ambulatory cardiology practice, GEMMS|One, will provide Witt’s cardiovascular enterprise system in the hospital with the patient’s history and procedures, verification of medical necessity, and other information required to create a comprehensive record,” said Mike Wolfe, president, Witt Biomedical. “In turn, Witt will close the loop by sending the findings of studies, tests and therapies, the transcription report, discreet data, and other pertinent details to GEMMS|One.”

As for GEMMS, the organization will benefit “by sharing information and seamlessly integrating our technologies, we can achieve our shared vision to provide cardiologists with complete access to critical patient information, ranging from the office visit to non-invasive cardiovascular testing to the cath lab and back to the physician practice,” said Rodger P. Pinto, PhD, CEO, GEMMS. “This holistic view of each patient’s case will empower the cardiologist to make faster, more confident diagnoses and decisions.”