Researchers at the University of Maryland are conducting a clinical trial using MRI-guided focused ultrasound to target the globus pallidus, a structure within the brain that is related to Parkinson’s disease.

Many factors influence children’s grades in school, from the involvement of their parents and the quality of their diet, to whether they can keep the proverbial dog from chowing down on their homework assignments. Researchers have now found one factor that probably doesn’t have an impact on school performance: x-ray exposure in utero.

CT utilization in children’s hospitals is declining, possibly due to potential side effects related to pediatric exposure to ionizing radiation, according to a new study published in Pediatrics. 

For some, cracking their knuckles is a nervous habit or part of a stretch routine during the workday. Others are sure it must cause damage or lead to arthritis. But until recently, nobody was certain about how the noise was even created. A team of researchers turned to MRI for the answer.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently approved coverage of lung cancer screenings using spiral CT imaging for long-time smokers, a decision that many feel was long overdue and will lead to thousands of lives saved through early detection. But not everyone is enthusiastic about the decision.

Giving new meaning to the words “PET scan,” the Center for Image-Guided Animal Therapy at Johns Hopkins University offers a wide variety of pets access to advanced medical imaging.

In cases of frostbite or injuries to an extremity, imaging can offer information on circulation and the impact of treatment. Now, researchers in Baltimore are investigating whether indocyanine green laser angiography could replace Doppler tests or higher radiation imaging.

A new method of printing electronic circuity could have the potential to increase the effectiveness of MRI while making the process significantly more patient-friendly.

When Richie Lopez didn’t open his eyes for days after his birth in Arizona, his parents and doctors became concerned. At thirteen days, they turned to imaging, and an MRI scan revealed little Richie had in fact been born with a rare condition in which his eyes did not develop.

A 1,200-year-old Viking pot discovered in Scotland was able to hide its contents from archaeologists, until they got an assist from a hospital radiology department.

The variance in cost for medical procedures, including imaging, between providers around the country is becoming more widely known to the public, according to a recent story by NPR. And now, thanks to a law passed this month in Massachusetts, it's mandatory for insurance companies to make their prices public. 

Physicians look at patient images every day, but does this experience help someone cope when the MRI brain scans they are viewing are their own?