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Many clinicians are quick to praise the tool's convenience, but a pair of experts say solid diagnostic evidence is still lacking.

Experts compared people with a genetic mutation associated with the disease and non-carriers, sharing their new insights in Radiology.

Myocardial perfusion imaging performed in cardiologist offices, for example, dropped by 52% over the 10-year study period, experts reported Thursday.

Mass General radiologists say changing the age and smoking pack-years doesn't fully address cancer risk.

Washington University in St. Louis experts say they can estimate how far dementia has progressed and how much time is left before cognitive impairment sets in.

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center experts believe the differences could have an impact on cancer detection.

Despite Medicare funding LDCT screening programs in the U.S., experts say uptake remains low, at around 4%.

Stratifying exams according to risk can reduce unnecessary imaging and downstream costs of care, Hawaiian researchers reported in Radiology.

A special RSNA committee unveiled their update in a new report published in Radiology.

Scans performed within 24 hours of admission predicted if patients would require intensive care, oxygen during their stay or be readmitted within 30 days.

The triple-S model accurately estimates a patient's risk of intracranial aneurysm rupture based on a handful of risk factors, experts reported in JAMA Neurology.

An American College of Radiology expert panel surveyed nearly 400 healthcare professionals last year for their findings.

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More complicated exams could require additional physician time and effort, Emory University experts detailed in Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology

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