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A Mount Sinai School of Medicine-led team said such scans should be used to spot possible osteoporosis.

The automated pipeline has the potential to become a "cornerstone" in diagnosing and treating placental health, researchers said.

Thirty-five different techniques for administering diuretics are used across 105 sites, authors reported in JACR.

Etobicoke, Ontario-based Eco-Med Pharmaceuticals voluntarily recalled certain lots and is conducting an investigation into the matter.

Computed tomography and CTA for head and neck indications shot up by nearly 50% in patients 65 and older, according to patient-level claims data spanning 2007-2017.

More than 800,000 of the 40 million annual ED visits in the U.S. now involve spine injuries, and imaging use for these traumas has tripled in some populations.

Correlation tensor MRI could enhance brain tissue assessments and predict patient-level outcomes.

Expert rads showed "strong" agreement for each scan read using the Prostate Imaging Quality score, according to new research in European Radiology.

A regional hospital network with eight CT scanners assessed cumulative radiation doses over the course of 2020, a year that saw imaging utilization plummet.

Community-based rads showed "excellent" accuracy using MR imaging to spot appendix issues, researchers reported in Emergency Radiology.

Physicians ordered 30 total follow-ups, resulting in no added costs for 76% of Medicare Wellness patients.

The findings are part of the NIH-funded Transforming Research and Clinical Knowledge in Traumatic Brain Injury study, designed to understand the impact of head injuries and potential treatments.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina is allegedly using "strong arm tactics," forcing physicians to swallow cuts as high as 30%, emboldened by the controversial federal policy. 

More complicated exams could require additional physician time and effort, Emory University experts detailed in Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology

The partnership includes the private equity-backed imaging group filling this key medical role at the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics. 

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