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The contrast material detected additional lesions during surgery in 27% of ovarian cancer patients, West Lafayette, Indiana-based On Target Laboratories reported.

The algorithm will enhance T1, T2 and FLAIR images performed using the portable MRI specialist's Swoop machine, officials said Monday.

One possibility involves a "food label" style high-level summary of relevant data points, the college said in recently submitted comments.

The condition can lead to symptoms ranging from dry, tired and sore eyes to problems as severe as blurred and double vision.

That's lower than the 76% mark reported in 2019, which is likely due to restrictions and lockdowns during the pandemic.

The tools can load images up to 75% faster than other methods and with fewer clicks, the company said Monday.

The all-in-one brain software is currently being utilized in Europe at multiple clinical organizations, Advantis Medical Imaging said.

Wider adoption of "net health benefit," a measure that reflects both life expectancy and quality, makes sense for the specialty, authors explained in JACR.

At the same time, they admit "interview hoarding" is a problematic consequence that must be addressed.

The move can help providers avoid prematurely attributing symptoms to a specific disease, the college said.

Doctors armed with these new tools can spot early signs of chronic liver diseases, which is crucial to possibly reversing progression.

Their ultimate goal is to help radiology departments around the world reduce their carbon footprint.

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"Be the squeaky wheel. This issue was taken care of because physicians stood up,” Rad Partners' Richard Heller, MD, told RSNA attendees Monday. 

The platform runs on Azure, a cloud computing service operated by Microsoft, which recently announced plans to acquire Nuance for $20B. 

Radiology experts analyzed fetal MRIs from 33 women who contracted the virus while bearing a child, sharing their results Tuesday at RSNA. 

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