Medical school and residency coursework should cover everything from investing and the effects of compound interest to contract negotiation and retirement planning, authors wrote in a new editorial.

Both MITA and AdvaMed had been advocating for this new pathway expediting patient access to innovative imaging technologies and other medical devices.

Part of the disconnect revolves around education, and making sure IR physicians know how their profession is affected by the legislative process, experts said Sunday.

The approach must be data-driven and rooted in the desire to provide the best possible care for patients, one ACR expert said.

Vertically integrating emergency imaging into the ED could create a more efficient and collaborative environment, but it won't be an easy task, one expert recently explained in JACR

American Academy of Neurology researchers analyzed costs for more than 3.7 million privately insured people from 2001 to 2016 for their study.

Namely, rads evaded significant Medicare payment cuts due to evaluation and management coding changes that would have gone into effect on New Year's Day.

U.S. District Judge Elizabeth A. Wolford said it was an “undisputed fact” that Gerald Culhane’s abnormally large lymph node was not spotted and acted upon when it should have been.

A Florida heart surgeon would perform two invasive procedures on each patient's leg—whether required or not—and fraudulently bill insurers, according to a Department of Justice investigation.

This new legislation continues to recognize 2002 guidelines calling for screening every one to two years beginning at age 40, rather than the 'ill-advised' 2009/2016 USPSTF recommendations, the ACR said Wednesday.

The decision comes by way of a three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and overturns U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Michael Williamson’s ruling made in June.

The insurance giant refused coverage due to the "experimental or investigational" nature of proton beam radiation therapy treatment, according to court documents.