Senior U.S. District Judge Donald E. Walter sentenced William Britt Harvey, of Lecompte, to two years in federal prison and three years of supervised release.

Capacity for optical colonoscopy across NHS England hospitals is "already stretched," so freeing up valuable space for patients who need the invasive procedure most is a top priority.

As of June 1, 33 medical device reports have been identified, including 22 device malfunctions and 11 related to injuries.

"The unjust treatment of people of color must stop," the Radiological Society of North America said in a recent tweet. 

New York-based Ezra is already partnering with outpatient imaging providers, including RadNet, in three large U.S. markets to test its full-body MRI scan and MRI-based prostate cancer screening program.

The radiopharmaceutical—Cerianna—is the first F-18 agent approved for use in patients with recurrent or metastatic breast cancer.

UW Seattle radiologists are cutting costs in the near-term to combat low imaging volumes, but say building future financial growth potential is key to a more stable outlook.

Idaho Falls-based International Isotopes reported a 5% drop in revenue from nuclear medicine sales, primarily due to imaging clinics shutting their doors and suspending elective exams.

Vancouver, British Columbia-based Artms will use the funding to help bolster the supply of locally produced radioisotopes, such as technetium-99m.

“It is of timely importance that lawmakers and regulatory officials implement policies that address the current crisis and mitigate future public health consequences arising from the pandemic,” Patrick Hope, executive director of MITA, said Thursday.

The figure is nearly 2% higher compared to last year's report from Medscape, but some experts believe the recent global pandemic may change the trend.

The agency's greenlight offers clinicians a possible first-line tool to gather chest images from patients infected with the virus.