Apple, Aetna launch new app that notifies users of cheaper imaging exams

Aetna, a CVS Health insurer, announced the launch of a new health app created in collaboration with Apple, according to a recent Aetna news release.  

Through an Apple Watch, the app called Attain will reward Aetna customers for meeting certain fitness goals and completing health-related tasks such as getting more sleep, improving nutrition and increasing mindfulness. The app will also notify users to get vaccinations, refill medications or indicate when a lower-cost option for imaging exams and lab tests are available.  

Attain will also let participants earn points as they complete their activity goals and recommended healthy tasks, which can be redeemed for the cost of the Apple Watch or for gift cards to U.S. retailers, according to the release.  

“We believe that people should be able to play a more active role in managing their well-being,” Apple COO, Jeff Williams, said in a prepared statement. “As we learn over time, the goal is to make more customized recommendations that will help members accomplish their goals and live healthier lives.” 

To ensure user privacy and data security, Attain users can determine what information they want to share and can choose to discontinue using the app at any time. According to Aetna, all Attain health data is encrypted on the device, in transit, and on Aetna and Apple’s servers, where it will be stored in a highly secure environment and information will not be used for underwriting, premium or coverage decisions.  

The Attain app will be available in the Apple App Store in this spring, according to the release.