Authentic4D announces $5M in funding

Authentic4D, a Detroit, Michigan-based company focused on medical imaging review technology, announced this week that it has raised $5 million to enhance its analytics platform. The funds will also go toward expanding the company’s sales and service capabilities.

Authentic4D’s technology reads CT and MRI scans and turns them into 3D images. The images are used to assist insurance adjustors, mediators, jurors and other individuals involved in insurance claims.

Rick Viton, a partner at IA Capital Group, was also added to the company’s Board of Directors.

“Authentic4D's proprietary technology platform brings efficiency and objectivity to the casualty claims process while enhancing the customer experience by resolving claims fairly and quickly,” Viton said in a prepared statement. “We're excited by the company's technological capabilities and nationwide network of independent radiologists, which has generated great traction with the largest players in the industry.”

“We are excited to see the continued validation of our industry-changing service with the investment and are eager to use this cash infusion to bolster our team and technology to execute upon our vision,” Jorey Chernett, Authentic4D CEO and founder, said in the same statement.