Diagnostic radiologists among the leaders in starting salary

Diagnostic radiology has once again shown itself to be one of the more lucrative specialties, even for those just starting out. A new survey from St. Peters, Mo.-based recruiting firm Profiles pegged the median starting salary for diagnostic radiologists at $330,000.

That figure is for non-interventional radiologists. Profiles found the starting range for interventional radiologists to be slightly higher at $335,000.

Both starting salaries were among the highest of any specialty. Only neurological surgery, orthopedic surgery-spine, and cardiac/thoracic surgery had higher median starting pay.

Profiles also looked at six-year national averages, and here again radiologists were among the most highly compensated. The six-year practicing average for non-interventional radiologists was found to be $447,850 and for interventional radiologists it was $472,800.

The survey was conducted between August and December 2013, and included 40,000 newly graduated physicians and 80,000 practicing physicians.