FDA approves Aidoc’s AI solution for C-spine fractures

Aidoc announced Tuesday, June 11, that it has received FDA clearance for its AI-based solution for triaging cervical spine fractures.

This marks the company’s third such clearance, which comes weeks after the Israeli-based company gained FDA approval for its pulmonary embolism solution.

The platform prioritizes critical C-spine fracture cases, moving them up in a radiologists’ worklist for timely diagnosis.

“With our third FDA clearance, immediately following our PE clearance just weeks ago, there’s clearly real momentum behind our solutions,” said Michael Braginsky, Aidoc co-founder, in a prepared statement. “The key for us was to create a scalable AI engine, a way to rapidly develop high-quality healthcare-grade algorithms. Our C-spine solution tested the limits of what we could do because of the difficulty in detecting spine fractures due to the variability by which they present. We are proud that we were able to release such an accurate solution that is already showing value in clinical practice.”