FDA clears AI solution to help detect stroke on CTA scans

Healthcare company Aidoc has gained Food and Drug Administration clearance for its AI package that helps radiologists improve the diagnosis and treatment of stroke.

This most recent approval marks the fourth of its kind for the Tel Aviv, Israel-based imaging company.

"Stroke is the ultimate time-critical condition," Marcel Maya, MD, co-chair of the department of imaging at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, said in the announcement. "The faster we can identify, diagnose and treat it, the better the outcome for patients.”

The new “always-on solution” automatically searches for large vessel occlusion in computed tomography angiography scans, and moves suspected cases to the top of the imaging workflow. Every minute that a stroke goes untreated costs a patient an estimated 1.9 million neurons, making time to diagnosis and treatment exceedingly important.

Research led by the University of Rochester Medical Center showed the platform could reduce turnaround times for emergency department patients with stroke by more than 36%, according to the Aidoc statement.

Aidoc previously received FDA clearance for its AI solutions that automatically flag pulmonary embolism, cervical spine fractures and intracranial hemorrhage.