MITA supports FDA ‘playbook’ for reducing cyberattacks on imaging devices

The Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance (MITA) announced their support of the FDA’s recent efforts to strengthen medical device cybersecurity with “Medical Device Cybersecurity Regional Incident Preparedness and Response Playbook” created in coordination with the MITRE Corporation.  

Specifically, the “playbook” is focused on promoting readiness activities to help health delivery organizations better prepare for cybersecurity threats, according to a MITA news release published Oct. 11.  

“Digital connectivity is critical in today’s healthcare systems and will be even more so as we transition to value-based contracting and reimbursements,” said Joe Robinson, chairman of the MITA Board of Directors and senior vice president of health systems solutions at Philips, in the statement.  “Manufacturers, health delivery organizations and third-parties must collaborate to stay ahead of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The FDA’s playbook is another important step to help coordinate all stakeholders to work together to address these challenges.” 

The FDA’s recent efforts were built upon a holistic, systematic approach to create a medical device cybersecurity program where stakeholders have a shared responsibility and understand the importance of taking necessary steps to reduce cybersecurity threats to medical devices and healthcare systems to ultimately protect patients’ sensitive information.  

“Every stakeholder—manufacturers, hospitals, health care providers, cybersecurity researchers, and government entities – all have a unique role to play in addressing these modern challenges,” according to the FDA in a prepared statement. “In this way, we can ensure the health care sector is well positioned to proactively respond when cyber vulnerabilities are identified in products that we regulate.”