‘Name your price’ tool brings affordable imaging to underinsured

New York-based healthcare startup Medmo may upend the imaging market with its new platform that allows consumers to name their own price for medical imaging tests such as MRIs or CT scans.

Patients, even those uninsured, can use the technology to search for imaging procedures at prices individualized for them. Medmo directly links patients with medical providers across the U.S. and lets consumers book tests they can afford.

“The ‘name your price’ concept has worked well in the travel industry, and we’re leveraging our expertise and vision in the medical space to provide patients with a unique, innovative solution that meets their medical needs at a cost that fits within their budget,” said Medmo co-founder and CEO, Christopher Kelly, MD in a press release.

During his time as a physician, Kelly routinely treated underinsured patients and recognized the need for affordable imaging procedures, according to the statement.

“Medmo allows patients to name the price they can afford for their next imaging test—whether it is for an MRI, CT scan, PET scan or any other imaging test that has been prescribed,” said Kelly. “I saw a desperate need for patients who were prescribed essential medical imaging tests, but simply could not afford them.”