RSNA looks globally with new learning centers program

RSNA is launching a new program focused on improving radiology education and patient care in low- or middle-income countries across the world.

The Global Learning Centers (GLC) program, set to begin in 2020, will consist of established radiology departments in lower resource countries. Over a three-year time period, these GLCs will work alongside RSNA members to create a custom education plan with hands-on curriculum, didactic lectures, online courses and other educational offerings.

“The Global Learning Centers program offers a unique opportunity to develop a tailored education program, based on the specific needs and requirements of the host community,” said Umar Mahmood, MD, PhD, RSNA Board Liaison for International Affairs, in an RSNA statement. “We will be able to tap into a wealth of RSNA resources and provide a team of dedicated volunteers to create a comprehensive, dynamic curriculum for the GLC.”

One GLC will be selected each year, with a maximum of three operating at the same time. A team of up to four RSNA volunteers will be selected to match the needs of the GLC. The RSNA team will work with a local GLC team to present a tailored education plan.

The RSNA Committee for International Radiology Education (CIRE) will look at applications and announce results this December. Read more about the application process here.