Lawmakers sign permanent repeal of 2.3% medical device tax

Legislators in the Senate put the medical device tax conversation to bed Friday, as they approved to the provision to permanently repeal it.

President Donal Trump gave the seal of approval, signing the legislation into law hereby eliminating the 2.3% tax.

"We have now also repealed the Obamacare Medical Device Tax, which threatened access to cutting-edge devices that save lives and enhance the quality of life for all Americans," President Trump said Friday, Dec. 20, in a White House statement. The provision, which was part of a larger funding bill, had to be signed before government funding expired Dec. 20 at midnight.

The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) has been among the groups leading charge for permanent repeal, and praised the move by the president.

“This is a significant achievement. After many years of uncertainty and delays, our leaders on Capitol Hill and the White House finally came together to protect patient access, innovation and good-paying American jobs,” Dennis Durmis, chair of the MITA board, said in a statement.