Walmart, Covera Health partner to bring high-quality imaging to employees

Walmart and Covera Health, a New York City-based health analytics company have announced a multi-year collaboration to cut down on unnecessary treatment based on misdiagnosed imaging exams.

Since March, Walmart has recommended employees covered under its health plans use one of 800 imaging centers classified as providing high-quality care, according to reporting from Kaiser Health News. The list was created by Covera.

While employees are not forced to seek care at those centers, Walmart—the largest employer in the U.S.—foots the bill for surgeries and all travel expenses for the patients covered by the health insurance plan, according to Kaiser.

Following this May 15 announcement, Walmart associates and dependents covered by the retail giant will have access to Covera Health’s Radiology Centers of Excellence Program. That includes a nationwide network of radiologists, quality assurance and monitoring done by Covera and improved health outcomes, according to the analytics company.

According to Kaiser, Covera’s program is expected to reach to nearly 1,500 imaging centers by the end of the year. The report also quoted Covera, which stated that price was not a factor in choosing which facilities were included in its network.

“The goal of our benefit plans is to provide our associates and their family members with access to high-quality health care to ensure they receive the right care at the right time,” said Lisa Woods Sr., director of benefits design and strategy at Walmart U.S., in a prepared statement. “A quality MRI or CT scan can improve the accuracy of the diagnosis early in the care journey, helping create the correct treatment plan with the best opportunity for recovery.”