An organization founded by Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan has dedicated more than $1 million to an international coalition of imaging centers and their mission to advance health knowledge.

Della Gallegos had brain scans completed in 2006, but a radiologist did not spot her tumor at the time. Years later, the patient sued her legal representation after he failed to file a lawsuit against the the imaging expert in a timely manner. 

Utilizing more efficient imaging protocols could spare patients from unnecessary radiation while also improving value.

A lawsuit alleged radiologist Steven Fuhr spent seconds reading nearly 700 CT scans, missing a brain bleed that led to a patient's eventual death.

Norris filed the suit against the manufacturer in November 2017, alleging his wife Gena suffered severe side effects from the contrast agent. 

Kamran Avanaki, PhD, will use the money to continue developing a point-of-care, 3D neonatal imaging system.

This most recent approval marks the fourth of its kind for Tel Aviv, Israel-based Aidoc.

The patient is seeking class action status for the lawsuit to include other women who had breast scans during a two-year period at Raleigh Radiology Blue Ridge.

The go-ahead was granted to the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research to use Fluorodopa F-18 injections in patients with suspected Parkinson’s syndromes.

The American College of Radiology revoked Radiology Disc of Encino’s accreditation after it did not pass a mandatory inspection under the Mammography Quality Standards Act.

Trump signed the tax away last month, putting an end to the levy that was expected to cost up to $24 billion over 10 years.

The concept derives image-based biomarkers from MRI scans to produce a heat map for surgeons to better pinpoint cancers.