2 major healthcare players come together over AI expansion

GE and Boston’s Partners Healthcare are combining their considerable forces to inject AI deeper into healthcare, and they’re starting with—what else?—radiology.

“Without disclosing specifics, both companies said they will spend a significant amount on the initiative. And both stand to gain revenue if they’re successful in creating useful software programs that can be sold to hospitals around the globe,” the Boston Globe reports.

“There’s hundreds if not thousands of applications throughout medicine,” says Keith Dreyer, DO, PhD, chief data science officer in the radiology departments of Partners’ founding hospitals, Massachusetts General and Brigham & Women’s.

The newspaper says the GE-Partners partnership is the biggest AI project to date.

“GE and Partners said they will develop an open platform that eventually can house hundreds of applications to help interpret medical data,” the Globe reports. “They’re starting with radiology because that field, dealing with digital pictures from MRI and CT machines, more easily lends itself to computer analysis.”

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