Cloud computing in imaging is knocking at the door

IT executives have continually expressed fears about data ownership and security flaws of cloud-based solutions. But according to Nadim Michel Daher, an industry principal at Frost & Sullivan, cloud computing in medical imaging will be here sooner than we think.

The cost and predictability benefits of cloud solutions are beginning to outweigh their “perceived risk,” according to Daher in the article on Open Access Government.

“This is especially true in medical imaging, where the unending growth in image data volumes, coupled with long-term data retention policies in place, makes traditional storage upgrade and scale-up mechanisms clearly unsustainable over the long run,” he wrote.

Niche medical imaging subspecialty applications paired with the diversification in areas of care producing and consuming imaging data are driving four key areas of cloud computing in medical imaging: Cloud-based image archiving, cloud-based image distribution, cloud-based image diagnosis and cloud-based imaging analytics, according to the report.

Daher notes, as it stands, cloud-based imaging informatics is still a small market, totaling $285.4 million in 2016 global revenue, but suggests that number will grow to $830.5 million in 2021.