Deep learning expected to expand exponentially in radiology

The worldwide market for radiology-specific deep learning will soar from around $40 million next year to some $300 million by 2021, largely on the wings of increasing demand for imaging combined with radiologist shortages like the one Scotland is facing.

The projection comes from the U.K.-based healthcare market research firm Signify Research.

“Radiology is evolving from a largely descriptive field to a more quantitative discipline,” a Signify analyst says in a press release. “Intelligent software tools that combine quantitative imaging and clinical workflow features will not only enhance radiologist productivity but also improve diagnostic accuracy.”

Meanwhile the release, sent to publicize Signify’s full report on the topic, notes that doubts over how deep learning arrives at its radiological diagnoses “could lead to legal implications. Whilst none of these problems are insurmountable, healthcare providers are likely to take a ‘wait and see’ approach before investing in deep learning-based solutions.”

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