Dollar-per-scan AI vendor taps Google for reach

The AI startup that’s offering radiology algorithms at $1 per scan is looking to Google Cloud to help deliver the service.

Zebra Medical Vision’s collaboration with the Internet behemoth could mean greater accessibility to the algorithms by hospitals that don’t want to spend more on in-house servers in order to run them.

For the startup, the move may mean faster penetration into its target markets. 

For Google,  it offers a new way to compete in the cloud-services space with the likes of Amazon and Microsoft. 

CNBC reported on the development Oct. 8.

“We see two strong trends coming to place,” Zebra co-founder and chairman Eyal Gura tells the business news service. “One is the urgent need for more scalable and secure storage for hospitals due to the overwhelming amounts of digital data. The other urgent need is how to analyze this data quickly and accurately to bring value to doctors and patients.”

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