Whatever effect AI has on radiology, at least it will keep people talking

Xconomy.com has posted a worthwhile overview and look ahead at AI in healthcare. Its reporter would have been remiss had he not “gone there” with radiology. Happily, his main source on the matter falls into the “augment, not replace” camp.

Well, sort of. 

“[S]oftware might not eliminate imaging-related doctor jobs entirely,” Michael Greeley, a tech-investment expert tells the reporter, Jeff Engel.

The technology will likely reduce the number of images that are difficult to assess with certainty, but there will probably still be some that need a human eye. Those will go to the ‘grizzled radiologist’ on staff, who has seen thousands of slides throughout his or her career, to make the final call.”

“The specialist will continue to have a role,” Greeley says, “but it will just be a more narrow role.”

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