Imaging experts are concerned artificial intelligence is not being trained on robust datasets, while developers say their platforms are already working in real-world situations.

The consensus statement includes four categories for detailing chest CT abnormalities and has been endorsed by the American College of Radiology and the Society of Thoracic Radiology.

Stanford University School of Medicine clinicians detailed their suggestions to spur the development of artificial intelligence Tuesday in Radiology.

New York-based Northeast Radiology said 29 patients' information was accessed and is notifying additional individuals whose information was put at-risk during the breach.

Enterprise security firm Palo Alto Networks analyzed more than 1.2 million devices stationed across thousands of U.S. healthcare institutions for its research. 

USARad said its new system will connect a network of chest CT-trained radiologists to providers on the front-lines of this growing pandemic.

“This study shows a disheartening rate of inadequate exams among mpMRI studies of the prostate,” experts wrote in Academic Radiology.

Novice imaging readers agreed on more nodule features and categories, compared to experienced physicians, but this gap did not impact final recommendations for fine-needle aspiration biopsy.

Researchers from Kaiser Permanente Northern California implemented the reporting system at their institution, sharing some of their "reservations" in Radiology.

Abdominal radiologist and Salesforce CMO Ashwini Zenooz, MD, is one such executive who is helping the industry ditch CDs in favor of patient-friendly digital interfaces.

Orthopedic providers judged three different knee MRI report templates based on readability, usefulness and quality. The results were published in Academic Radiology.

Making these resources more accessible to patients and referring providers will be crucial in the coming era of consumer-focused care, researchers argued in a new study.