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The artificial intelligence platform outperformed both body mass index and overall weight at forecasting such outcomes, researchers explained recently.

During a session at RSNA, researchers detailed how their 2D convolutional neural network outperformed even the best-trained algorithms.

NYU researchers shared results from the multicenter Women’s Heart Attack Research Program during the American Heart Association's virtual meeting.

Pairing imaging results with self-reported symptoms proved 83% accurate at spotting patients with the virus, Albert Einstein College of Medicine neurologists found.

Many of those individuals had a myocardial injury, increasing their risk for heart attack, pulmonary embolism and heart failure.

This update will replace the company’s existing infusion system and includes new smart features, such as workflow improvements and dosing options.

Mount Sinai researchers also found those with the disease are 2.4 times more likely to suffer large vessel occlusion stroke.

The 0.46 mm optical coherence endoscope can safely image the internal carotid artery and its branches, where most intracranial aneurysms begin, creators of the mechanism explained.

The system, known as Aspects, is the first neuroimaging solution in the FDA’s computer-assisted diagnostic software category to receive this designation.

Michigan Medicine researchers validated the method across seven labs using a number of different testing conditions, reporting their findings in Radiology.

T1-mapping is already used at many hospitals and researchers from London believe it can be adapted to evaluate children with neuroblastoma tumors.

The approach accurately quantified flow in the ascending aorta and main pulmonary artery and was “highly” repeatable, experts wrote in a pilot study published recently.

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CardioSmart, an online resource for both patients and clinicians, has a new editor. 

The funding includes $8.5 billion in American Rescue Plan resources for providers who treat Medicaid, Children's Health Insurance Program and Medicare patients.

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