Carestream delivers x-ray system to Mount Everest

Carestream Health Solutions recently delivered one of its medical imaging systems to the top of the world—almost literally.  

According to an April 11 press release, a Carestream Vita Flex CT System was recently transported to and installed in Kunde Hospital, located in Khumjung, Negal, 15.3 miles away from the Mount Everest Base Camp.  

The equipment is intended to provide imaging serves to 8,000 residents, Sherpas and those who dare to climb Mount Everest, according to the press release. It will also help local nurses and doctors at the hospital determine if a patient's condition requires them to be transported to Kathmandu for additional treatment and care. 

The Vita Flex CT System was first transported by plane to Lukla, Nepal, and then carried by porters on their backs for roughly 19 miles to the hospital. 

“These imaging studies are essential to diagnosing diseases and injuries to climbers, Sherpas and other workers at base camp," said Charlie Hicks, general manager of global x-ray solutions at Carestream, in a prepared statement. "The images are available in minutes and physicians decide if a patient can be treated at the hospital or must be transported to Kathmandu by helicopter or airplane." 

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